Doubel Axel Truck Mounted Concrete Mixer Pump

Realtop truck mounted concrete pump combines the pump, truck, power system, mixing system and placing boom. We don’t have to add any pipe tube for a project less than 4 storey. Distant control for placing concrete. It has the characteristic as mobility, movable, convenient, efficient, go quality etc. Especially designed for small town and rural area construction sites

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1. High core configuration

90% of imported components are configured. The main oil pump adopts German Rexroth, Japan Kawasaki series, Schneider Electric components, etc. The core components are all international and domestic famous brands, with high standards, good quality, mature and stable system, and high cost performance.

2. Flexible and fast

The flexible four-section M-arm design of the comprehensive bionics enables fast lifting of the boom and fabric, and the operation is simple and dexterous. The placing range is 20% larger than the three-section boom; the width of the vehicle is 2.3 meters, and the design is large-scale and lightweight. The overall vehicle size is optimized to a smaller size, and the preferred equipment for new rural construction.

3. Safe and reliable

Long-life wear-resistant duct technology, the circuit uses integrated wiring harness, less fault points, high reliability, dedicated pump truck controller, reliable operation, high maintainability; using the new national four engine, up to 95% of the suction, Large-diameter hydraulic control system, reducing energy consumption to a minimum, energy saving and environmental protection

4. Preferred brand

The maintenance cost of the equipment is small, the high quality, the high income, the quick return, and trustworthy.



Model CBJ33
Theor. Pumping Pressure (Mpa) 6/10
Theor. Concrete Output (M3/h) 50/70
Generator Set Power (KW) 50
Boom Vertical Length (m) 32.6
Boom horizontal Length (m) 28.6
Main Oil Pump Brand German Rexroth/ American Danfoss
Main Oil Cylinder 128-80
Compulsive Mixer (model) JS500
Theor. Output (m3/h) 30
Chassis Weelbase 5.2
Weight (kg) 22600