Retractable Tunnel Formwork System - Expressway Emergency Lane

1. Customized Tunnel Formwork System is available.

2. The Project introduction:

- This Expressway Project is conducted by China Railway Burean Group.

- Total expressway length is 15.5km,the designed driving speed 100km/h and integral subgrade width 33.5m,

- Two tunnels are built, left tunnel length 5181m, right tunnel length 5120m.

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1. Retractable Tunnel Formwork Features in this project

- The retractable tunnel formwork in this project is for expressway emergency lane ,

- When working, it can automatically, quickly assembled to tunnel formworks by extension connecting mechanism, 

- When it does not work, it can retract by flexible connecting mechanism without affecting the formwork walking in the tunnel, 

- So this tunnel formwork is able to effectively improve the lining speed, quality and reduce labor intensity.


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