DigiTrak F5 Locating System

The Full DigiTrak F5 Locating System for HDD machine working

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The DigiTrak F5 Locating System is used during horizontal directional drilling operations to locate and track a transmitter installed in the drill head. The system consists of a handheld receiver, a transmitter, a remote display with battery and cable power options, a battery charger system, and three rechargeable battery packs for powering the receiver and remote.


There are several transmitter options available for use with the F5 system. These include five frequency options (1.3 kHz, 8.4 kHz, 12 kHz, 18.5 kHz, and 19.2 kHz), dual-frequency transmitters, and a cable transmitter. The options also include a fluid pressure transmitter that monitors the pilot hole annular mud pressure, a tension monitor that monitors the pullback force between the reamer and the product being pulled, and a steering tool transmitter for drilling where walkover tracking is not possible.