Standard Road Tunnel Formwork System

1. Customized Tunnel Formwork System is available.

2. Introduction of REALTOP Standard Road Tunnel Formwork System

   - We pulished the Road Tunnel Formwork system first in China in 2004,

   - We make it possible that 100% interchageability of main parts,which is first and most high-ending in China,the namely jumbo,framework system, traveling system,supporting system,electrical system and hydraulic system

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Benefits of Standard of  this standard road tunnel formwork system,which we have pioneered and formulated. 

1. Higher reutilization ratio: portal system, traveling system,supporting system,electric system and hydraulic system of a jombo are improved from one-time use to several-time use,

2. Faster assembly rate: with a large number of bolted connections replaced by hinge pin connection ,assembly rate is improved by 30%,

3.Quicker supply rate:with realization of advanced manufacture, supply rate is shortened from the original 30days to 7 days,

4. Higher installation procision and trength: thanks to standardized production the structure of hinge pin connection featuring higher precision and massive repacement of section steel structure by piping structure, higher precision of installation dimensions and more stablle stressing structure ar ensured.

5. Certificate of patent

Tunnel trolley

6. Tunnel Formwork System Project Worldwide

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